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A healthy life starts with healthy feet.

Children’s feet are not like those of an adult. Babies and toddlers feet are soft and pliable because they have not completely formed.  This means their feet can be easily damaged (i.e with ill fitting footwear, trauma etc). It’s easy to say that parents should get their children ‘proper’ footwear but parents also need to be taught what the criteria for selecting appropriate footwear is (other than just size).  This is something your podiatrist can assist with.

Uneven wear and tear on the heel of a shoe may indicate a foot problem that should be assessed by a podiatrist. Other signs that your child may require further investigation include:

  • frequent tripping or falling
  • withdrawing from sport
  • intoeing (also known as ‘pigeon toe)
  • out toeing
  • toe walking
  • flat feet

If you are concerned about your child’s foot health and foot function please book an appointment today because addressing foot health early may prevent unnecessary discomfort in future years.